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Prove Value: Quantify Achievements

Hello Again Dear Nurse or Nurse Candidate - Another Day, Another Lesson... 

I'm so glad you're here - and I'm proud to share this with you.

The best resumes I’ve ever seen included numbers in most of the bullets.

These are the candidates that hiring teams want to hire on the spot, because they can actually visualize how the candidate has impacted companies in the past, and can easily imagine them doing the same for their company in the future.

Anyone can SAY they’re great at sales, but unless you give an example of how much you made within a given time period, the reader won’t really believe it.

The hiring team is looking for proof that you are as great as you say you are, and quantifying your achievements is the way to show it. Also, numbers also pop out at the reader, who is searching for a candidate to stand out among the sea of resumes!

When it comes to resumes, show, don’t just tell, because
Numbers = Results = Value
Numbers are the most effective way to prove your value to the employer.

Most of you are thinking, “I don’t work with numbers!” You can and should still use numbers in your resume. There is NO job in the world where the work is not quantifiable and I’ll give you some pointers.

Think about it: if you’re in an industry where you don’t ACTUALLY work with numbers, or have quantifiable results, how much more would your resume stand out if you found ways to include numbers in your resume? You’d stand out by leaps and bounds from your competition, who are just listing job duties without even trying to quantify their work.

Most of you will NOT already have numbers on hand - this will take a little work, but it’s worth it, I promise! And you CAN estimate the numbers, as long as you have solid reasons to back up your calculations if asked about them in an interview.

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